Cambridge exams

For children & teenagers: Young Learners Tests

Registration for Cambridge Young Learners tests for schools and language schools

Advantages for schools, teachers and parents:

  • preparation for the Young Learners tests can be connected to the existent school curriculum,
  • learners receive certificates showing their knowledge on an internationally accepted scale and are motivated to learn further,
  • individual schools create added value as they offer the learners in their environment an opportunity to gain language education similar to that which schools from larger towns can offer,
  • by providing additional language education, a school influences the future development of its region beneficially and achieves greater interconnection on state and international levels,
  • teachers who take part in preparing their learners for the tests have an opportunity to improve their professional knowledge both at their own school and in a wider context,
  • parents acquire external feedback about the progress of their child and value the effort their school puts into motivating the children to continue learning a foreign language and into offering additional activities to its learners.

Options and registration procedure:

When registering at least 10 candidates (from one school), the candidates obtain a 5% discount on the exam fee.

Option A: A school registers its candidates for an exam date set by the Exams Centre. The location of the exam is Pionirski dom – Center za kulturo mladih.

Option B: If there at least 25 candidates, we can organise an exam on a date chosen by a public school or a language school. The location of the exam is Pionirski dom - Center za kulturo mladih.

Registration procedure:

  • Fill out the preregistration form and send a scanned copy to 
  • Provide the candidates’ parents with the registration form. The registration form for each individual candidate needs to be filled out and signed by the candidate’s parents and given to the school on paper (a scanned version of the registration form and of the proof of payment should be sent directly to the Exams centre via email to
  • Provide the Exams centre with the gathered registration forms and with the final list of candidates’ names for each level of exams.

Individual candidates

Individual candidates can register only for the exam dates set by the Exams centre. We kindly ask parents or caregivers to fill out the registration form and return it to the Exams centre by the deadline, following the instructions in the registration form.

We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the exam in case of insufficient number of registrations or exceptional circumstances.

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