DELE exams

The DELE Spanish Diploma is an official document issued by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, certifying an acquired degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language. A DELE diploma is an internationally recognised document which confirms the candidate’s language competence. It is an internationally recognised prestigious document which complies the CEFR/MCER (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages; Marco común europeo de referencia) standards.

Every year, thousands of people worldwide take DELE exams as part of their job selection process, for personal career development or for promotion in their current employment. For others, it represents an internationally recognised competence in the Spanish language, which is an important step in securing good employment opportunities in today's increasingly globalised work environment.

This internationally recognised certificate is acknowledged by public and private companies, chambers of commerce, as well as the public and private educational systems. In Spain and Spanish speaking countries it enables access to universities, official language schools, business schools and jobs in public administration. The certificate has no date of expiry and can facilitate geographical mobility in academic and professional circles, as well as help in obtaining scholarships.

Anyone whose first language is not Spanish can take DELE exams. They are suitable for students of all ages and abilities, covering all four language skills.

Instituto Cervantes offers 8 different DELE exams:

Exam dates for 2024

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