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For children and teenagers: DELE A2/B1 para escolares

A2 – Spanish Language Diploma (level A2) certifies sufficient language competence to understand everyday expressions commonly used in contexts related to experiences that are particularly important (basic information about oneself, family, shopping, important places, professions, etc.).

B1 - Spanish Language Diploma (level B1) certifies sufficient language competence to understand and respond appropriately in typical everyday situations and for basic expression of one’s desires and needs.

Important: Candidates who successfully pass the DELE A2/B1 para Escolares exam obtain either the A2 diploma or B1 diploma, depending on the score achieved.

A2 - Spanish Language Diploma certifies that:

  • You can understand and use common everyday expressions, almost always within the scope of experiences that are especially important to be able to meet your basic and immediate needs (e.g., basic information about oneself, family, shopping, important places, professions, etc.).
  • You can communicate directly in a simple way about familiar matters and routines, and you can describe your past and living environment in a simple manner.
  • You can handle matters related to meeting your immediate needs.
  • You can understand the main points of spoken and written texts in various forms of the standard language that are not strictly connected to a specific linguistic environment and always deal with familiar topics related to work, study, and daily life.
  • You can cope with most situations in the above areas of use.
  • You can write simple and coherent texts on topics of familiar situations, which are of a personal nature or describe experiences, acquaintances, desires, plans, aspirations, or simply express your opinions.

Advantages of taking international exams for primary and secondary school students:

  • Candidates are rewarded for their efforts, which provides further motivation for learning.
  • Candidates obtain an internationally recognized certificate which enables greater mobility.
  • Exams focus on practical use of the Spanish language in everyday situations.
  • Exam topics are adapted for teenagers.
  • Exams are an interesting and positive experience.
  • Obtaining the certificate boosts confidence in using Spanish abroad.
  • Certificates increase the opportunities of admission to secondary schools, high schools, and universities.
  • Certificates enhance the opportunity of obtaining scholarships.

Advantages for schools, teachers and parents:

  • Exam preparation is comparable and can align with the existing school curriculum.
  • Students acquire certifications and demonstrate their language knowledge at an international level which motivates them for further learning.
  • Primary or secondary schools and high schools provide added value by offering more language education opportunities.
  • Through additional language education, the school positively influences the future development and networking of the region at the national and international levels.
  • Teachers involved in preparing students have the opportunity for professional development within and outside the school.
  • Parents receive feedback on their child's progress and appreciate the school's efforts in encouraging children to continue learning a foreign language and providing additional opportunities.

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